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Quick Release Tractor PTO Shaft Extender, 1-3/8" Male x 1-3/8" Female 6 Spline, 70 HP


  • PTO Shaft Extender 1-3/8” Male 6-Spline by 1-3/8” Female 6-Spline
  • Quick-Release push-pin for easy removal. Includes pin, spring, and Heavy-Duty Clip.
  • Increases length by 4-5/16" Inches, Overall Length 6-1/2 Inches.
  • Maximum Horsepower: 70 HP  


If the length of your PTO does not fit perfectly within a tractor, a PTO adapter can extend the size without having to replace it for a new one. Lengthen the PTO shaft connection between a tractor and an implement. Upgraded quick-release push-pin makes for fast installation and convenient changing of implements. 


Fits numerous tractor and implement manufacturer’s and models with common 1-3/8" 6-spline size. 


Replacement Part Numbers: 15902, 3741, 3737, A-PA09


Spare parts and replacement parts found on OHIODIESELPARTS.COM call text or email 24/7 for install help or parts




Warning - Danger

It is the user’s responsibility to insure that proper guarding is in place to compensate for the additional length. PTO shaft guard must be in place when using. Use of this adapter will lengthen the shaft. It is your responsibility to make allowance for adequate shielding. Check driveline to be certain it is short enough to compensate for added length. Straight drivelines are desirable. Excessive angularity runout of length may cause failure or injury. This product may result in a change of speed of the driven implement. Do not use this product if the result is an increase in the speed of the driven implement.



One (1) Extender

One (1) Pto Pin with spring, clip


Quick-Release Tractor PTO Shaft Extender, 1-3/8" Male x 1-3/8" Female 6 Spline

$59.99 Regular Price
$53.99Sale Price
  • The product sold above if used for modification of a vehicle in any way or as stated above for any vehicle is not associated with the vehicle/ implement manufacturer. The seller is not a certified mechanic and assumes no responsibility for damage, liability, or injury that may result to you, your vehicle, and/or others.

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