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This is exactly what you want to quiet down your high flow lift pump because a draw straw will starve your pump! Use one for your Airdog or FASS for Cummins, Duramax or Powerstroke.


Only sump out there that features an interchangeable barb design and square o-ring. New 3-Bolt design equally distributes clamping force around the O-ring for reduced slippage and leaks that occur with 1-Bolt designs while still being easier to install than old style sumps. You get the best of both worlds. 


If you run an AirDog pump, the hose ID will be 1/2" that is included. Some of the higher flow FASS pumps are supplied with 5/8" hose ID. This is the only sump ready to go out of the box to run either fuel pump because it includes hose barbs in both diameters.


Also, you can use a -10 or -8 AN fitting x 1/2" NPT. We are the only 1/2" NPT fuel sump for the highest flow hands down.


Our passion is diesel performance and if you're sick of over-paying for diesel performance parts, than you will not find a better sump at a better price.Simple. This is the best design at a great price. We stand behind our sumps 100% as they are CNC machined in-house and we make sure they're made right. If you’re searching for a fuel sump, you already know why you need one. 


The original design of our Fuel Tank Sump Kit by Ohio Diesel Parts provides everything you need to modify your fuel tank to boost performance and improve tank efficiency. NO suction tube. NO need to drop the fuel tank. This sump will feed the biggest performance pumps for all your power needs! Will solve 1/4 tank low issues, issues with your factory or aftermarket draw straw picking up fuel or if you just want the added fuel flow. Design will work on any flat surface, plastic or metal, gas or diesel tanks. These are conveniently shipped pre-assembled. Easy bolt-on installation. Just cut hole and install.


Compatible with all flat surface, metal or plastic, gas and diesel tanks.


Includes 3” hole saw. Instructions included.


Easy installation. Use provided 3” hole saw to cut the hole where you want to install sump. Place top plate through hole, then thread bolts through housing and into top plate. Using a 7/32" Allen key tighten bolts until you have tight seal, 10 ft lbs, if you have a torque wrench should seal it up just fine.


Visit our downloads section for installation instructions!

Ohio Diesel Parts Diesel/Gas Fuel Tank Sump Kit w/ 1/2" & 5/8" Barbs w/ Hole Saw

$75.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
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    • Top plate and housing CNC machined from 6061 billet aircraft aluminum - Black Anodized finish
    • Stainless steel -5 O-ring Bass drain plug, and two Brass hose barbs: 1/2" and 5/8" hose ID.
    • Also you can use a -10 or -8 AN fitting x 1/2" NPT
    • Pre-assembled for easy 3-bolt installation. Includes 3" Hole Saw.
    • Made in U.S.A
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