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NEW DESIGN! Compatible with ALL Jeep Wrangler JKU and JL 4-Door model years 2007-2020+.


Our New and Improved Jeep Wrangler JKU/JL Seat Recline Kit provides everything you need to modify the rear seat of your Jeep into a reclined position. Improves the comfort of your back seat passengers with one easy home modification. This kit will allow you to gain approximately 2.5 inches of rear seat recline compared to the almost vertical 90 degrees of the factory mount. Slight recline makes a huge difference in comfort. We now provide seven longer replacement bolts. Based on feedback we found it was difficult to re-use the factory bolts, as the threads may be damaged during removal. With all new replacement bolts installation will be much smoother! This is the maximum possible recline for a better ride without compromising the factory brackets or hitting your head on the roof!  


Our spacers are made from high-quality solid Delrin plastic blocks. Delrin is the best non-metallic advanced aerospace polymer. Delrin combines low friction and high wear resistance with the stiffness and strength needed in parts designed to replace metal. It provides a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 120°C), durable and super strong will not chip or crack. Corrosion and water resistant. Delrin has a higher tensile strength, stiffness, and creep resistance, and significantly higher impact resistance than other low-quality plastics. The safest material to modify your Jeep to reduce the amount of stress on the factory seat brackets. Solid black smooth material will match factory interior components. Chamfered holes (smooth).



Seven (7) factory quality, high-strength, Grade 10.9, standard metric 19mm hex head M-12 bolts; Black 

Four (4) high-strength washers; Black

Four (4) solid machined Delrin spacers for front brackets; Black.

Three (3) solid machined Delrin spacers for rear brackets; Black.

Installation instructions.




Compatible with all Jeep Wrangler JKU/JL 4-Door model years 2007-2020+. (Does NOT fit 4xe models) Instructions Included. 


Easy installation requires no special tools just a 19mm Socket, 18mm Socket, and Socket Ratchet. However a breaker bar or impact gun will make installation easier and is recommended but not necessary. Spacers install under rear seat brackets; the four (4) large spacers install under the seat brackets in the front of the seat, and the three (3) short spacers in the back of the seat. Set includes seven (7) matching high grade bolts and washers for installation of front brackets. The three rear brackets may re-use the factory bolts or use the provided replacement bolts. Bolts pass all the way through spacers and thread into place.


Install video on Youtube:

Instructions can be found at:


The installation requires NO loosening, changes, or modification to any of the seat belt mounting points. Does not affect the ability of seats to fold down and is compatible with multiple rear-seat and cargo accessories. Works with child seats and in my opinion a slight recline is better than the factory mount. The children were dangling forward because the factory mount was so steep!

Jeep Wrangler JKU/JL Rear Seat Recline Kit, Bolts, Washers 07-20 - Black Delrin

SKU: JSK-2500B
$52.00 Regular Price
$28.99Sale Price
    • CNC machined and chamfered holes from high-strength Delrin plastic; Black
    • Gain approximately 2.5 inches of rear seat recline compared to the almost vertical 90 degrees of the factory mount! Enjoy a more comfortable ride for your kids and passenger!
    • NEW DESIGN! Compatible with ALL Jeep Wrangler JKU and JL 4-Door model years 2007-2020+ (Does NOT fit 4xe models)
    • Includes seven (7) high-strength graded bolts and washers for installation
    • Easy installation , NO special tools required
    • Made in U.S.A
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