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This is the first and only seat spacer kit available for New Dodge Ram 2019+ 5th Gen body-style 1500 trucks*. This kit will not work on 2019-2020 Dodge Ram 2500/3500's and 2019/2020 Dodge Ram 1500's Classic Express's. You will need our 4th Gen kit. Chances are your stock seats are only 2-way, recline or slide forward lacking any height adjustment at all. Fix that with our seat spacers which lift the driver side or passenger side seat for increased vantage while you ride. BETTER VIEW. You will get a aprox. 1.5” rise giving you a full 360 degree view around your truck. Much needed if you are short of stature, or snow-plow and haul large items where you need a better vantage. This kit makes the seat sit up higher and provides a slight tilt back to the seat similar to a Ford truck. ADJUSTABLE. You can choose a higher or lower rise in the back whichever is more comfortable based on your stature and shifter set-up. This would make a great gift if your wife or girlfriend drives a truck (or if your husband is a little short!)


Manufactured RIGHT HERE in the U.S.A.


Our kit will get the job done!



Four (4) round rear spacer blocks – billet 6061 Aluminum

Two (2) Grade 10.9 17mm hex bolts for rear spacers 

Two (2) rectangular front spacer Blocks – billet 6061 Aluminum

Two (2) Grade 10.9 Button Head bolts for front spacers

Installation instructions




*Fits new-body Dodge Ram 5th Gen 1500 trucks model years 2019+. Note: 2019/2020 Ram 1500 Classic Express's and 2019/2020 Dodge Ram 2500/3500's are the old 4th Gen seat layout. You will need our 4th Gen kit instead. Please look at pictures to verify you are ordering the right kit or contact us prior to purchase. Could possibly fit other years and models. Try it and if it doesn’t work for you just send it back!


Very easy to install takes about 20 min. Please look at the pictures to verify you have the same foot print. This works on driver or passenger seat set-ups. This kit will lift one seat. Another kit would be needed to lift the passenger seat. All fasteners are equal in strength to the OEM specifications. Please see required tools, an extra long socket to break loose factory bolts is necessary and a second set of hands is helpful during the install. 


For a shorter rear rise use one round spacer under each rear bracket. For a higher rise use two round spacers under each rear bracket. The 17mm hex bolts and washers are for the round rear spacers. They drive through the seat rear brackets, round blocks, and into the frame.


The two button head black bolts are for the rectangular front spacer. They mount through the counter-sunk bottom hole of the front spacer and into the frame. The front seat brackets will mount into the tapped hole in the front spacers re-using the factory bolts. Torque bolts to factory specifications.


Please enjoy it and call or text 24/7 with questions

Ohio Diesel Parts 1.5" Front Seat Spacer Lift Kit 5th Gen Dodge Ram1500 2019+

SKU: TSK-2020V2
    • ADJUSTABLE 1.5” rise for driver-side or passenger-side giving you a full 360 degree view around your truck
    • BETTER VANTAGE for snowplowing, towing and hauling trailers.
    • FITS new 5th Gen Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500 model years 2019+. Note: 2019/2020 Ram 1500 Express's and 2500/3500 use the older 4th Gen seat layout and you will need our 4th Gen kit.
    • MUST NEED for your wife or girlfriend who drives a truck (or if you’re a little short!)
    • Made in U.S.A
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