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·         2-1/4" (60mm) Round Red Reflector for trucks, trailers, heavy equipment or tractors

·         Plastic-backed with stud mounting hole or use your own adhesive to mount. 

·         M5 stud or smaller, or #10-24 stud or smaller. Includes 1 mounting screw.

·         Single Pack

·         Made in U.S.A


Other P/N: S.8893


 Also available in a 2-pack for $8.99




One (1) Round Red Reflector 2-1/4” 


2-1/4 Inch Tractor Trailer Round Red Reflector Stud-Mounted S.8893 1-Pack

SKU: RFL-889301R
  • Returns are accepted within 14 days of receipt for a refund. Item must be returned in good, undamaged, condition for a refund. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs including tracking to guarantee a refund.

  • The product sold above if used for modification of a vehicle in any way or as stated above for any vehicle is not approved by the manufacturer. The seller is not a certified mechanic assumes no responsibility for damage, liability, or injury that may result to you, your vehicle, and/or others.

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